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What’s the comment on the Yinlong Cells from Other Customers? 2019-07-14

Whats the comment on the Yinlong Cells from Other Customers?

As the authorized distributor of Yinong, we have been supplying LTO cells since 2015, and have received numerous positive feedback from our customers all over the world. At this moment, wed like to extend our sincere gratitude to our customers and will continue to provide genuine Yinlong LTO cells and warm-hearted services to our valued customers.

Here below are some quotes from our customer feedback for your reference:

1. From a Finland customer:

I have tested some cells, not all but about 20 partly!

The IR has been generally slightly over 0.30 milliohms, typical 0.33 milliohms.

The capacity, I have precision-tested only 4 cells since it takes several hours per cell using my digital constant current electronic load battery tester .

The capacity of the tested 4 cells has been OK, 40Ah and some up to 42.5Ah when tested with 10A current (only 0.25C).

I have started to build a battery pack but it is not ready yet.

2. From a Canadian customer:

...The previous shipments have worked out well for me. My product is taking a good turn for me...

3. From a Czech customer:

Test are done with good results.

We are currently preparing the product for sale and collecting customer demands....

4. From an Austrian customer:

All LTO batteries, you send me, have very good performance. I have developed a "one box" home battery storage system with 66160-30Ah cells.

5. From a Russian customer:

The elements 30A/h proved to be good, excellent charge and discharge currents, the capacity is even slightly higher than the stated.

6. From a Saudi Arabian customer:

I have to say thank you so much that 35 A(h) cells 200 pecs what you send to me . That cells condition are very good.

7. From an Indonesian customer:

...The battery works great and were very satisfied with it, but we just still in the testing phase is all. Thank you so much, youre so kind.


And we have tens of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world!

Contact us and enjoy the joy and excitement that the LTO cells to provide!

There are 4 versions of LTO 66160 cells: 25AH, 30AH, 35AH, 40AH and 66260 55Ah for you to choose.

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