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What Is KOK Power Lithium Motorcycle Batteries 2017-12-06

How does a KOK POWER Lithium Motorcycle Battery Works?

KOK POWER Lithium Motorcycle Batteries are based on LiFePO4 technology.

The main reason why KOK Lithium batteries are made with this technology:

※ The Open Circuit Voltage of LiFePO4 batteries is more stable than any other Lithium battery: The voltage of LiFePo4 cell is 3.2 V. KOK puts 4 cells in the Lithium batteries, so total voltage is 12.8V(3.2*4). While we know that Standard Lead-Acid Batteries have 6 cells of 2.1 V. So they have 12.6 V(2.1*6) in total. This means that the LiFePo4 technology approaches as close as the Lead-Acid voltage, then it is positive for the total electrical circuit of the motorcycle.

Does a KOK LiFePO4 Motorcycle Batteries Lasts Longer Than A Classic Lead-acis Batteries When not using the motorbike Frequently?

Sure. Because of the lower self-discharge rate, the battery voltage will drop slower. So it is beneficial for the shops: the battery has a longer shelf life before it is installed and used in a motorcycle, it can be reserved for a long time. And once installed, it will last longer without charging or using than a lead-acid battery.

How Can KOK POWER Li-on Motorcycle Battery Work and Perform Better Than Traditional Batteries

KOK power li-on battery is made of extremly high energy desity lithium lron phospgate material, and it is desighed in patent technology. The watt desity is 5 times more than existing lead-acid batteries. And it can realize the high rate discharge capacity. Moreover, to start the engines, lead-acid batteries need the higher capacity to produce the necessary CCA values. While for KOK POWER  lithium motorbike batteries, they produce CCA without these higher capacities.

What Are the Advantages KOK POWER Lithium Motorcycle Batteries Over Nomal MOTO Batteries?

1 Ultra High Cranking Capacity from a super lightweight battery: up to 50% CCA more than Lead-Acid batteries, between 1/3 and 1/5 weight of Lead-Acid batteries.

2 No Sulfating: More than twice the service life of conventional lead acid batteries.

3 Lower Self Discharge and Stable Discharge Voltage: longer shelf life in the warehouse before use; Better engine performance, easy engine start.

4 Excellent Cycle Life: more than 5.000 cycles.

5 No explosion risk:no gasses are produced during charge or discharge; No acid fill, no leak risk, installation in any direction.

6 Ecological : no pollution, no lead, no acid, safe & green.

What’s the Difference Between KOK POWER Lithium Powersports Batteries and Other Lithium Batteries?

Compared with other lithium battery. KOK POWER lithium engine start battery have the difference from Material(fireproof), Voltage, Energy density, discharge rate, safety, cycle life, the detail table, you can click DOWNLOAD page to know more detalil about the cells we use. Get the A123 26680 Battery Cells Analysis

How Does The 12 Cells Motorcycle BMS Works Inside?

Inside Motorcycle Start Batteries LiFePO4 12V 390CCA Pb-eq 21-24Ah, there are 12 cells. The BMC management makes sure that all 12 cells are charged and discharged in perfect balance. Like this the power that comes out of the battery is much more stable which helps the overall performance of the battery in giving off its power. In addition, the management system also takes care of the balanced charge of the 12 battery cells. All together the result is longer lifetime of the 12cells motorcycle batteries compared to other lithium motorbike batteries.

How Does the Bluetoothe Communication Works?

Every KOK power has bliuetooth 4.0 communications which can send message to your phone, displaying the voltage, charging status and riding history.

we should know that the battery should be fully charged and ready to use; battery able to start engine. But needs to be charged; Batteries should be charged BEFORE staring the engine.

Where and How To Download the APP ?

Open your IOS or APP store, put the “Battery Monitor” words and download it. Then you will have a friend who will send you message within the range 15 meters, telling you the battery status.

Can KOK POWER Motorcycle Batteries Have Tracking Device?

We KOK POWER design batteries for the consideration of customers. For the tracking device will expose privacy, that will be not safe for the customer. Therefore now we do not have this function for you, but we will update in the future.

What Is the Sevice Life of A KOK Motorcycle Power Batteries?

That depends on many reasons. Under the worst condition, standard lead acid batteries may last only a few weeks and under the best about five years. In average, lead acid batteries will last 1-2 years. Under the same average usage conditions, we expect KOK POWER motorcycle batteries to last above double, in 2-4 years or more.

However, all depends on the battery protection: regular use, regular extra charge.

Can KOK POWER Motorcycle Batteries Be Mounted In Any Position?

Yes, 100% you can. no liquids in the KOK power batteries. Superior vibration resistant construction allows multi-directional installation without damage, any direction installation is permitted, including upside down.

How Does A KOK POWER Motorcycle Batteries Works on Cold or Hot Tempertatures?

We can not prevent the resistance of KOK batteries increasing at low temperatures. But they can still do their job until -10° C. But thanks to the special techniques and the BMS built in the KOK motorcycle batteries, they will perform much better than other Lithium batteries in cold conditions.

There is also a tip you can use: if the battery performs poor under extreme cold conditions, use your headlight during 10 – 15 seconds before cranking. This will warm up the battery and afterwards she will perform better. On the other hand, KOK motorcycle batteries can be used in hot circumstances. The battery works perfect even when the environment temperature reaches 50-60° C. By this temperature the battery can still supply its full power. This is an advantage over standard Lead-Acid batteries who lose their power in hot environment.

Can I Use A Regular Battery Tender to Charge My Lithium Batteries?

KOK motorcycle batteries can be charged with most intelligent SAL battery chargers. However, there is ONE VERY IMPORTANT


Every intelligent Lead-Acid charger has a desulfation mode. And this desulfating mode works different depending on the charger brand or type. Some chargers use a high current pulse to desulfate the Lead-Acid batteries. This is safe for KOK POWER Lithium batteries. But others use a high Voltage mode to desulfate Lead-Acid batteries. And this is dangerous for all lithium batteries. This high voltage will damage the inside cells of Lithium batteries. Therefore, check whether your charger NEVER goes above 15 Volt, if it is, and it can be used to charge for Lithium batteries. While although chargers that use a high voltage characteristic, you must also check the internal resistance of the battery. Anyway, you must be very careful with all kinds of chargers.You’d better not choose trickle charging, like your cellphone, the Original charger is better for your phone, fast and safe. So we suggest the Standard charger.

Should I Give My Motorcycle Battery A Full Charge Before Using?

Exactly YES!! Every battery needs a full charge before being used. It will prolong the service life of your battery and it will also give your battery a higher energy density. KOK POWER motorcycle battery is a kind of high technology in your motorcycle so it should be handled with most care from the beginning.

What Does the CA (Cranking Ampere) Means?

The cranking power of a battery is indicated in Ampere.The cranking power is the current that a battery can supply to start the motorcycle engine. The higher the current, the higher the Ampere of the start engine will be and the easier the engine will start.KOK power batteries have a CA that is up to 50% higher than comparable lead-acid batteries. This is VITAL to all motorcycles.

How Does KOK POWER Make Sure the Quality?

KOK POWER LIMITIED established in the guarantee of quality, all our lithium

batteries are UN38.3, MSDS, CE rated, Browsing the download page and you can get it. We also have 2 years warrenty, which means we make sure you the batteries have repairment and maintanence within 2 years.

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