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  • LiFePO4  RV/LEV Batteries
    LiFePO4 RV/LEV Batteries 12V 120Ah

    1. Inbuilt Military Standard BMS: It has a built-in Multi-functional 120A continuous BMS, 360A for 30 sec peak, with high-quality IC and MosFET for over-current, over-discharge, over-charge, short-circuit, adverse-polarity connection, balancing functions. 2. Wide Applications: It can be used for solar energy 1

  • lithium ion battery 24v 10ah
    LiFePO4 Solar Energy Storage System ESS Battery 24V100Ah

    LiFePO4 batteries for solar storage: Cycle stability at high current, Fast charging within 1 hour, Deep discharge protection, overcharge protection, Voltage and temperature monitoring, Single cell monitoring, State of charge determination(SOC and SOH).

  • LiFePO4  RV/LEV Batteries
    LiFePO4 Marine Batteries 12V 48V 240Ah Battery Pack Custom

    Li-ion Marine Batteries  12V 48V 240Ah: Light weight and strong power, sell to France and Russia and gain best praise, customers show it on their website to expand markets.

The Benefits of Rooftop Photovoltaics(PV) 2017-12-19

Rooftop PV provides an attractive platform to achieve long-term energy independence while reducing environmental impact and maintaining a strong economy and society for future generations. This "future platform" for the roof is particularly attractive for deploying photovoltaic systems that generate electricity by converting sunlight directly into usable electricity.

Benefits of the rooftop for economical and sustainable deployment of renewable solar energy include:

Access to the sun: Since the roof surface is usually located above the "shadow line" of the trees and adjacent buildings, the surface actually has unobstructed access to available solar energy.

Low-cost solar real estate: The rooftops already have a functional role to generate economic value by occupying or leasing water by keeping the water outside their buildings, and their use as a solar power generation platform is generally much cheaper than the undeveloped real estate. In addition, the development costs of using existing roofs (including design, zoning, infrastructure, etc.) can be significantly reduced compared to developing new standalone solar power facilities.

Unobtrusive, safe location.:Since the roof surface is usually above Street View, the installation of rooftop solar energy does not unduly affect the daily activities and atmosphere of the developed community. In addition, due to the limited accessibility of the roof, the rooftop solar system itself is easier to secure than the ground installation.

Near the client / near the grid: In general, energy users from rooftop solar power are located directly under the roof, reducing transmission and operational costs. In addition, since rooftop solar is generally located directly within the currently developed grid, no new transmission lines or controls are required.

Attractive investment: The economics of rooftop solar energy are becoming increasingly attractive to both commercial and residential users. For homeowners, the cost of rooftop solar may generate a return on investment of as much as 15% among some states and business owners, following incentives from the federal and local governments. The combination of “power purchase agreements” and the federal and local policies has led to high ROI in many parts of North America.

Material synergies. Using modern materials technology, roofing solar's power generation and waterproofing capabilities can be effectively integrated into building photovoltaic (BIPV) systems, saving significant material, installation and maintenance costs.

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