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 lithium ion portable power station UPS solar inverter battery

Portable Power Station Batteries Multifunctional UPS Lithium ion Solar Inverter

This mutlifunctional portable UPS power station is a small energy storage system for indoor and outdoor applications, it can be used for home utility devices like electric fans and computer, with the safety insurance, stable power supply capacity and portable benefits, it deserves for your choise.

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Product Item:Portable Power Station Multifunctional UPS  Lithium ion Solar Inverter Batteries 

Product Details

This multifunctional portable UPS power station is a small energy storage system for indoor and outdoor applications. Embedded with lithium-ion battery, solar charger control, inverter and battery management system, it converts the clean and green solar energy into power supply, meeting the basic household load power demand. The UPS system can serve as an energy-saving or backup power supply in regions with insufficient energy or unstable power supply, or emergency power supply on isolated islands or frontier sentries. It is stable, safe, reliable and convenient.


  • Portable and  multifunctional new-energy UPS which applicable to computer, TV,  automobile,etc 
  • Made of  new lithium-ion battery, with the advantages of best quality and high capacity
  •  It is a multifunctional battery management system. Green, energy-saving, safe and portable,
  • This energy storage system will power up your living, working and outdoor activities and facilitate your life.

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Battery Category

Lithium ion batteries

Battery power

299.52 Wh



Total battery capacity

83200 mAh

135200 mAh

mAh 270,000

Battery voltage

14.8 V

14.8 V

14.8 V

Battery safety

Ah 20.24

33.8 Ah

67.5 Ah

Cycle life




BMS protection

Overvoltage, undervoltage, high and low temperature, three stage overcurrent, short circuit protection





AC output

Output voltage

100-240 V( Ex-factory (based on region)

Output frequency

50-60 HZ( Manual switching)




Output power

300W about 20 minutes

500W about 40 minutes

1000W about 20 minutes

200W approximately 65 minutes

400W approximately 65 minutes

800W approximately 60 minutes

100W about 85 minutes

300W about 85 minutes

500W about 100 minutes

50W about 130 minutes

200W about 130 minutes

300W about 160 minutes


100W approximately 270 minutes

100W approximately 540 minutes

Output waveform

Pure sine wave

Pure sine wave

Pure sine wave

Conversion efficiency

70% load :>90%


DC output

DC5.5 port


Smoke lighting interface


Conversion efficiency

70% load :>93%





1) For appropriate and safe operation, please read the following Safety Instructions carefully before operation and keep the manual handy. The Quality Warranty does not apply to any damage caused by inappropriate operation or manipulation in violation of the manual.

2) Please pay attention to all the warning indicators and operate the UPS system in accordance with the manual.

3) Don’t use the UPS system where it would be exposed to direct sunlight, rain or humid environment.

4) Don’t install the UPS system near heat-source, electric heater or similar equipment.

5) When placing the UPS system, safety distances and ventilation openings should be kept. Please refer to instructions in installation.

6) Clean the UPS system with dry dusters.

7) In case of fire, please use the dry powder fire extinguisher appropriately. Fluid fire extinguisher may lead to electronic shock.

8) Don’t touch any parts in the cabinet other than the terminals.

9) In case of maintenance, please contact the after-sale service.


To ensure the system works uninterruptedly and normally,

1) the installation and storage of the system should keep off highly corrosive, dense dust, high temperature and high humidity environment. Special attention should be paid to avoid metal materials falling into the case.

2) check whether the connecting cable is aging and connection points are firm and safe.

3) periodically clean the cooling fan and check whether it works well.

4) clean the dust in the case.

5) if the case has been opened to maintain the system, commissioning should be carried out before reuse, so as to ensure the safe power supply.

6) when the system fails or cannot work normally, please handle it according to trouble-shooting instructions. In case of any problem, please contact the producer or distributor ASAP. Don’t disassemble the system by yourself.


UPS system, TV, computer, washing machine, automobile, electric fan

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