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    1. Inbuilt Military Standard BMS: It has a built-in Multi-functional 120A continuous BMS, 360A for 30 sec peak, with high-quality IC and MosFET for over-current, over-discharge, over-charge, short-circuit, adverse-polarity connection, balancing functions. 2. Wide Applications: It can be used for solar energy 1

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  • LiFePO4  RV/LEV Batteries
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Lithium Titanate Battery-Next Breakthrough in Power Battery 2018-01-05

Lithium titanate battery is used as the anode electrode material for lithium-ion battery, which can be made to 2.4V or 1.9V lithium-ion secondary batteries if combined with lithium manganese oxide, ternary materials or lithium iron phosphate cathode materials. In addition, it can be used as a positive electrode,too. Lithium titanate battery voltage 2.4V, the maximum voltage of 3.0V, charging current greater than 2C.

For Lithium titanate, hereinafter referred to as Li4Ti5O12, when being charged and discharged, the insertion and deintercalation of lithium ion will not affect the structure of lithium titanate material, because there is no change on the crystal structure of lithium titanate, the value increased only from 0.836nm to 0.837nm . This phenomenon is called "zero strain ", so lithium titanate is also called "zero strain material." This property plays an important role in the electrode material, which can avoid the structural change due to the stretching and shrinking of the material when being charged and discharged, thereby improving the performance of the electrode and greatly reducing the specific capacity, and prolonging the service life of the battery .

Lithium titanate battery can be the ideal negative electrode material of

power battery: due to its following benefits”

1 high safety,high charge-discharge efficiency;

2 high structural stability,

3 chemical stability and thermal stability;

4 high specific capacity, long life up to 20000-30000 cycles,low price,

5 it does not cause pollution to the environment.

6 Fast charging technology: With the large-scale coverage of charging facilities, electric vehicles equipped with lithium titanate batteries can be charged anytime and anywhere(plug and play).In the current booming development of new energy automotive industry, we need to promote further development of lithium titanate battery technology

There are some Lithium Titanate Batteries in KOK POWWER

2.4V 26Ah Lithium Titanate Batteries

Prasmatic Cells LTO 2.4V 16Ah

Lithium Titanate Batteries Cylindrical Cells 2.4V 30Ah 40Ah

12V 2.9Ah LTO Battery for Starting

What Lithium Titanate Batteries used for?

Lithium titanate batteries are mainly for shuttle buses and buses, in addition,they are also playing an great role in the energy storage market

It is foreseeable that lithium titanate material will be the negative electrode material of next-generation lithium-ion battery in 2-3 years and will be widely used in such application areas like new energy vehicles, electric motorcycles and vehicles requiring high safety, high stability and long life .


1) Electric vehicles and charging stations, tourist coaches, yachts, wind and solar energy storage power, traffic signals

2) Solar hybrid street lighting, UPS power supply, home storage

3) Coal, disaster relief emergency, weather radar, electricity, smart grid, communication base stations

4) Hospitals, finance, telecommunications , system critical backup power systems

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