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Buy Factory Price KOK POWER 48V 200A High Power High Current Accuracy Fast Charger For Electric Vehicles AGV

KOK POWER 48V 200A High Power High Current Accuracy Fast Charger For Electric Vehicles AGV

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KOK POWER 48V 200A High Power High Current Accuracy Fast Charger For Electric Vehicles AGV The high-frequency high power charger is IGBT-based charger with independent intellectual property rights, which become mature and reliable during 20 years of technical research, development and improvement in the field of power electronics. The product can fully meet the customer's needs of charging efficiency, fast speed and safety. The single-machine usage time of this series has exceeded 10,000 hours, and more than 10,000 units are using in the market since the product was released in 2013. The application direction of this product is lithium battery charging for industrial vehicles.
This series of intelligent chargers use high-performance embedded power modules to meet the fast and safe charging needs of outdoor lithium-ion vehicles.
The charging power module adopts mature active power factor correction and LLC resonance technology, meanwhile provides favorable electromagnetic compatibility and high efficiency, and its multiple modules and can be connected in parallel.
Users are allow to set charging parameters through LCD touch screen, gaining various parameters and status of the charging process, which is convenient for the user to understand the charging process in real time and operate charger.


1.High conversion efficiency;
2.High voltage stability, high current accuracy;
3.Advanced transient response indication;
4.Smooth current waveform;
5.Energy-saving, easy-to-control, adjustable, compact due to advance high-frequency switching technology.

 Overview of working principle

This charging station is mainly composed of a rectifying & filtering circuit, a high-frequency switching conversion circuit, a PWM control circuit, an output rectifying & filtering circuit, a reverse protection circuit, a voltage stabilization & limit circuit,a current stabilization & limit circuit, a protection circuit and an auxiliary power supply circuit.

Input Voltage 
Rated Frequency
Full Load Efficiency
Standby Input Power
Standby Voltage 
Constant Voltage
Peak Current 
Applicable Battery Voltage (DC) 
Operating Temperature Range 


1. There are high voltage and danger of the charger. Please contact us if in event of the failure. Do not open the charger by user and non-professional servicing of our company.
2. To avoid damp environment, and do not use this charger in wet place.
3. Do not use this charger in the place where near the heat source or direct sunlight.
4. It should be in a clean and ventilated place when charging.
5. Do not cover the air outlet, Please keep a 10-metre distance fro the air outlet.
6. Do not cover the charger. Keep it far away from the children.
7. Please in a place where is good for radiating when charging. Do not use it in the wet, high temperature, inflammable and flammable condition.
8. Do not carry this charger with your vehicle, or it may be broken.
9. Please read the instruction carefully before using this charger. We are not responsible for the incorrect operations.


1. The technical performances accord with relative regulations our company.
2. When opening the carton and finding the product is damaged, please contact us immediately.
3. Warranty Period: 12Months from the date of delivery.
4. Attentions to the disclaimers of  guarantee:
a.Surpass the warranty period
b.Without warranty certification and effective bills
c.The damages which caused by operating without our instruction
d.Sealing sign has been broken
e.The damages caused by force majeure
f.Warranty service is only used for charger itself. The damages which caused by ineffective charger do not belong to the extent of liability.

 Safety Standard

1 Protection Function
Input : over-voltage , under-voltage , phase-loss , over-current protection ;
Output : short-circuit , over-current , over-voltage , reverse-polarity , reverse-current protection ;
Overall :high/low temperature , charging time , communication protection.

2 Dielectric Strength
Input - Output : 2500VAC 5mA , 1 Min
Input - Housing : 2500VAC 5mA , 1Min
Output - Housing : 1500VAC 5mA , 1Min

3 Insulation Resistance
Input - Output DC 1000 200M Ω
Input - Housing DC1000V > 50M Ω
Output - Housing DC 1000V > 50M Ω


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