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Buy Factory Price KOK Power 2.56KWh 51.2V 48v 50Ah 100Ah Off Grid Solar Battery

KOK Power 2.56KWh 51.2V 48v 50Ah 100Ah Off Grid Solar Battery

51.2V50Ah 16S1P LiFePO4 battery compatible with Victron inverter
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KOK Power 2.56KWh 51.2V 48v 50Ah 100Ah Off Grid Solar Battery 


  • Safe Battery Chemistry:KOK LFP ESS battery series are designed with LiFePO4 chemistry battery which has been widely recognized as one of the safest battery technologies. LiFePO4 chemistry features stable structures with low toxicity, well-defined performance, long-term stability. Automotive Standard Cell & Battery Structure Technology : KOK engineer & technician team bring our expertise at automotive battery R&D and manufacturing standards and technology to the design and structure of the ESS batteries.The cells inside are automotive-grade high quality cells, capable of high C-rate charge/discharge to support critical loads such as air condition, water pumps, EV charging, etc. And BMS is ESS- specific, with RS485, RS232, Canbus, SNM communication.
  • Easy Installation and Stackablity: KOK ESS batteries are modular-designed featuring easy installation and stackable up to 16 modules to meet higher energy consumption.
  • Wide Compatibility: KOK ESS batteries have commissioned for communication and compatibility with the major inverter and solar charger brands such as Victron, Huawei, Goodwe, Growatt, Voltronic, Kehua, Kstar, East, Luxpower, Megarevo, INVT, Ginlong, Sacolar, Sofar, etc. And the list is to be continued as our engineers are working on testing and commissioning with more inverter and charger brand.
  • Flexible Warranty Plans: KOK offers 3 warranty plans to cater to different customers’ needs-5 years basic, 10 years prolonged, 15 years super-long.


No. Item General Parameter Remark
1 Combination method 16S1P
2 Rated Capacity Typical 50Ah Standard discharge after Standard chargepackage)
Minimum 50Ah
3 Factory Voltage 48.0V-51.2.0V Mean Operation Voltage
4 Voltage at end of Discharge Discharge Cut-off Voltage
5 Charging Voltage 58.4V
6 Internal Impedance ≤50mΩ Internal resistance measured at AC 1KHZ after 50% charge
The measure must uses the new batteries that within one week after shipment and cycles less than 5 times
7 Standard charge Constant Current 20A Constant Voltage see No.5 0.02CA cut-off0.02CA Charge time : Approx 6 h
8 Standard discharge Constant current10A end voltage    see NO.4
9 Maximum Continuous Charge Current 50A
10 Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 50A 100A when 0ºCT≥-10ºC
50A when -10ºCT≥-20ºC
11 Operation Temperature Range Charge: 0~45 60±25%R.H.
Discharge:  -20~55 Bare Cell
Details Pictures:

Applications: Solar Energy Storage System

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