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How to Choose the Best Auto Start Battery 2017-11-06
Lead-acid automotive starter batteries have been undergoing replacement by Lithium ion batteries, esp. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) batteries, with the latter’s properties of high charge / discharge performance, lighter weight, smaller size, longer cycle life, non-pollutant, etc.

After two years of research and testing of our R&D team, we, KOK Power Limited has successfully developed a series of LFP car start battery (12v20Ah, 12v40Ah, 12v60Ah, 12v80Ah) with BMS built-in.

1. Powerful LiFePO4 Cells

All of the cells inside the car starter batteries are high power LiFePO4 cells of 30C continuous discharge rate and 60C peak; Our automotive batteries offer phenomenal starting power and massive deep cycle reserve power. The 12V 20Ah passenger car starting battery is capable of providing pulses cranking amps of 1200 amps!

A 123 cells

2.Special Designed BMS

The BMS, or Battery Management System, the central part of a battery pack, is specifically designed for auto start batteries with our R&D department’s strenuous work.

high technology battery protection oard

It provides 4-fold over-current protection for the starting batteries (adjustable):(1) continuous discharge current of 100A ;(2) 125A protection for 30s;(3) 400A protection for 3-5s ; (4) pulse current 1300A.And the MOSFET and IC, the most important parts of BMS are all world’s 1st class brand.

3. Bluetooth Connectivity

The car start battery can have Bluetooth connectivity (optional) with monitor on a mobile APP for both iSO/ Andriod, showing battery status (voltage/ SOC/ charging status/ starting status, etc.) within the Bluetooth range.

motorcycle battery with monitor for dirt bikes

4.Compact Size & Prolonged Battery Life

The nanotechnology lithium Iron Phosphate has helped reduce the weight of automotive batteries with much high power and prolonged the battery service life up to 20 years.

5. Higher Safety

Our Lithium Iron Phosphate technology with BMS offers enhanced safety compared to traditional lithium ion battery types as well as Lead (Pb) batteries

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