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  • LiFePO4  RV/LEV Batteries
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Development Trend of Motorcycle and Its Battery 2017-11-13

Motorcycles are important means of transportation in most countries and regions around the world, because it saves road space and easily to park.

In abroad, motorcycles are widely used in communication, express delivery, police, fire, rescue and disaster relief. Particularly at present, urban traffic congestion has become a worldwide problem that plagues urban development, motorcycles are highly mobile and economic practicality

Studies in urban congestion area from Europe and Japan have shown that motorcycles and cars can effectively alleviate urban traffic congestion if traveling in a certain proportion.

In addition, according to the results of Tsinghua University survey,it shows that the current traffic system can not fully meet people’s needs to travel, motorcycles has significance in traffic applications. If applied properly, the motorcycle will be the perfect traffic system and favorable economic supplement for residents to travel  .    

For the economic costs caused by traffic congestion. For example, in Beijing, the National Institute of Development Research Institute of 2014 results show that the traffic congestion caused about 70 billion RMB loss per year there, of which 80% is the loss of time, 10% is the consumption of fuel costs, another 10% are pollution costs due to congestion. Corresponding with the city congestion is that China is in the peak period to develop private cars, the rising no-load rate in private car results in a waste of road resources. Compared motorcycles to cars, it has a considerable advantage in terms of energy consumption, emissions and road occupations. So we are applying for 10%  proportions of motorcycles accounted for of the proportion of cars in the city,  it may also release year by year in the future.

Now we have to mention the new energy motorcycle. New energy motorcycle has a huge market, it is the product encouraged to develop and has a great market space in the city. It is estimated that the current excessive production of electric bicycles is more than 30 million, holding more than 200 million. At present, influenced by the excessive price of electric bicycles and excessive light bike, the electric motorcycle market has not really started, from January to November of 2016, among the total number of 7728 electric motorcycles, the vast majority of products use lead Acid batteries as marterial. According to the regulations, lead-acid battery products are not the new energy motorcycles.

In the trend of low-carbon, environmental protection, energy-saving, our company has designed and developed a new energy motorcycle starter battery, compared to the traditional lead-acid battery, our battery has such advantages as light weight, high current fast charging, long cycle life, no leakage, no pollution and so on. More prominent is that our starter battery is a smart battery with early warning device, the user can monitor the status of the battery at any time.

smart battery for autobike Honda

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