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  • LiFePO4  RV/LEV Batteries
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Solar Light Battery Pack 19 Jan 2021

With the continuous development of technology, now all countries attach great importance to environmental issues. So in recent years, wind energy, solar energy, water energy and others new energy develops rapidly. Therefore, energy company attemp to develop their own product to meet the marketing requirements. KOK POWER-regarding innovation as the main potentiality.we now degisn the new lithium batteries applicable for solar street light. If you are contracting projects from government,factory, you may need the high quality batteries with smart technology and all-round services

Compared with other solar light batteries, KOK POWER lithium Led Street Batteries are:

1)It’s the world’s first invention to convert a single cell into a battery pack with a patented boost-voltage system,thus prolongs the life of the solar battery and reduces the risks of imbalance between cells.

2) The integrated PCB, which combines the function of traditional BMS and solar controller, adopts world's first-class components including ST industrial single microchip,IR MOSFET,etc to ensure stable performance and long life.

3)Super long cycle life, virtually the same working life as that of solar panels and LED lamps to achieve NO replacement of battery during the solar system’s lifetime:

Lifepo4 chemistry is the best choice for solar street light ,which has longer cycle life than other 3.7v Li-ion cells, not to mention the lead-acid batteries.

100% DOD, ≥2000 times cycle life till 80% of the rated capacity;

80% DOD, ≥6000 times cycle life till 60% of the rated capacity;

And as you know, the solar street light battery can still work even when the capacity drops to 50% as rated.

Now the battery has been completed market testing. In Asia ,Europe and other countries has good feedback. Below it is our battery photos for your reference :

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