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  • LiFePO4  RV/LEV Batteries
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Lithium Titanate Battery-Energy Storage System Usage 19 Jan 2021

Lithium titanate battery is a kind of lithium ion battery anode material lithium titanate. It can be used as lithium ion secondary battery with 2.4V or 1.9V as cathode material, such as lithium manganate, three element material or lithium iron phosphate and other cathode materials. In addition, it can also be used as positive electrode and 1.5V lithium secondary battery with lithium metal or lithium alloy negative pole as the cathode of.

The characteristics of the lithium titanate battery

1. High safety.The most important point of the EV battery is the high security. Because of its high balance potential, lithium titanate battery will not result in lithium dendrite in the negative electrode, it is very safe.

2. Good cycle performance. Because it is a " zero strain" material, and will not change in the charge and discharge process structure, it has a very superior cycle performance.

3. It can charge and discharge rapidly. The diffusion coefficient of lithium ion in lithium titanate crystal is 2 x 10-8cm-2/s, which is more than one order of magnitude of graphite anode. It can charge and discharge rapidly. The ability of fast charging is an important index for investigating the battery of electric vehicle.

4. Wide temperature range -30 -60°C. Embedding and removal ability of lithium under low temperature will decrease, especially the embedding capacity, lithium titanate anode charging will not lead to a short circuit or the deterioration of the anode of lithium dendrite appeared at -30 DEG C, LTO can quickly charge and discharge at a wide range of environment,which  is suitable for vehicle usage.

5. Small self-discharge current

At present, our company was founded in the panel to provide customers with titanate lithium battery solutions .According to customer requirements,we provide effective solutions. Now there are 2.4v 2.9Ah,2.4V 16Ah 2.4V 25Ah,2.4V 16Ah  2.3V 30Ah and 2.3V 40Ah cells in stock. These battery cells are used in the scope of electric buses, energy storage, solar street lamps, start the battery etc.

In addtion. We have designed 13.8V 40Ah using LTO 40Ah battery cell, which is used for Energy Storage Systems. PLS check the PIC as below:

If you have any interests in our product,pls feel free to contact us.You also can visit our website: WWW.KOKPOWER.COM

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