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Be vigilant of Dishonest vendors before buying YinLong LTO cells 14 Jul 2019

Unveil 3 Scandals of Dishonest LTO Battery Suppliers

Complaints from customers who have been cheated by some dishonest suppliers selling bad quality Yinlong LTO cells recently have stirred up our nerves. Customers have been cheated; Yinlong LTO cells reputation damaged; and the LTO battery industry been made muddy waters.We, authorized distributor of Yinlong LTO cells, feel its urgent to unveil the truth about those dishonest suppliers, and help you to identify and buy good quality LTO cells.

To sum up, there are 3 main tricks of the dishonest suppliers :

1. Re-wrapping Lower-Capacity Cells: As there are 4 versions of LTO 66160 cells: 25AH, 30AH, 35AH, 40AH; and all have the same form factor, dimensions and weight. Some untrustworthy suppliers disguise the lower capacity cells (35AH, 30AH or even 25AH) to be higher capacity (40AH).

LTO cells

2. Selling Scrap Cells: They DARE to sell scrap LTO cells with severe problems such as electrolyte leakage, 0-voltage, high self-discharge rate, etc.!

3. Criminal Fraud of no delivery after receiving payment: We will expose the names of those fraud companies in our next emails.

We will unveil the scandals of the dishonest LTO battery suppliers in details and present our solutions to help you to identify good LTO vendors in our next emails.

Your vigilance is highly recommended.

As authorized distributor of Yinlong, we have the original file of full testing data of each cells from Yinlong, that is, the real data of the capacity, voltage, internal impedance for each cell are traceable according to the unique series number.

Most of the LTO 66160 40AH cells which we are selling is 41-42 AH on average according to the testing data.

Besides, we can test the cells’ capacity, internal impedance upon request of the customers.

See below:

LTO cells discharge

If you want to source the real-capacity original, traceable Yinlong LTO cells, please contact us!

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