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A123 26650 M1B motorcycle start battery replace lead-acid battery 7-9ah

A123 26650 M1B Motorcycle Start Batteries with Bluetooth Monitor LiFePO4 12V 130CCA Pb-eq 7-9Ah

The worlds first LiFePO4 motorcycle battery with monitor on mobile APP bluetooth 4.0, showing you the battery voltage, SOC, riding history, the charging status and starting status.

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Product Item:Motorcycle Battery with Bluetooth 4.0 communications LiFePO4 12V 130CCA Pb-eq 7-9Ah

Main Features:Smart LiFePO4 Motorcycle battery packs displays battery status from mobile phones ( iOS & Android ) via Bluetooth 4.0.

smart lithium motorcycle batteries

1. The battery voltage and SOC pops up on the user’s mobile phone when you are within the battery’s bluetooth range.The APP can record riding history log of each ride up to 35days.


2.The user can check the starting status and charging status.


  •  Support Bluetooth 4.0
  •  Communication range covering 10m
  •  Selective gauge IC to detect total voltage of the battery pack or voltage of each series
  •  Real-time remote monitoring static and dynamic status of battery pack




Nominal Volatge


Nominal Capacity


Lead-Acid equivalent(pb-eq)

12V 7-9Ah

Cranking Amps


Recommended fast charge current

15 min/10A

Recommended charge method

CC/CV 14.6V

Overdischarge voltage


Battery weight


Gross weight(with gift box)


Dimensions(w/o terminals)


Dimensions(w/ terminals)

110mm*38mm*98mm(w/ terminals)

Discharge Curve: 60C discharge

Other Features

Compared with the lead-acid batteries,the LiFePO4 motorcycle start batteries are:

Smaller: 1/2  of the size  

Lighter: 1/3 of the weight

Safer: Can be installed in any direction without leakage

Longer Life: 7-10 times longer

Compared with other lithium-ion batteries, in addition to the above benefit that the LiFePO4 motorcycle start batteries are with monitor on mobile APP, our lithium-ion starting batteries are:

Zero maintenance bike batteries

Powerful performance

Fast charging ability

Flame-retardant and IP 65 water & dust proof housing

Maintenance-free if no parasitic drains

Nano LiFePO4 battery technology: Green energy, no toxic, and environment friendly

High cranking Amps up to 130A

Superior Safety, abuse tolerance

Extended battery life of 5000 100% deep cycle and 50000 ignition times

Low Self-discharge

A 123 cell high quality
motorcycle battery lithium-ion technology

Patented braided copper strings to support high power

Strong cell holders to protect each cell from vibration and overheating

Patented design of hexagonal cap for screws drive

Gold-plating copper terminals to ensure the best conductivity

No wiring structure

Built-in self-balance chip

fast starting moto battery

Recommended for                                                                                                                                         

1) Track/Race bikes up to 600cc

2) Competition Supermotos and Dirtbikes up 450cc.  

3) Competition ATVs up to 450cc

4) Daily Driver bikes up to 450cc                                                                                                                

Not Recommended for

1) Street only applications in -600cc bikes (use the 8-cell for street only)

2) Dirt applications where you are on very far rides(use 8-cell)

3) Cold weather riding below 45 degrees on 500cc.

Pakage: OEM gift box. We can baranding OEM design for you

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