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  • LiFePO4  RV/LEV Batteries
    LiFePO4 RV/LEV Batteries 12V 120Ah

    1. Inbuilt Military Standard BMS: It has a built-in Multi-functional 120A continuous BMS, 360A for 30 sec peak, with high-quality IC and MosFET for over-current, over-discharge, over-charge, short-circuit, adverse-polarity connection, balancing functions. 2. Wide Applications: It can be used for solar energy 1

  • lithium ion battery 24v 10ah
    LiFePO4 Solar Energy Storage System ESS Battery 24V100Ah

    LiFePO4 batteries for solar storage: Cycle stability at high current, Fast charging within 1 hour, Deep discharge protection, overcharge protection, Voltage and temperature monitoring, Single cell monitoring, State of charge determination(SOC and SOH).

  • LiFePO4  RV/LEV Batteries
    LiFePO4 Marine Batteries 12V 48V 240Ah Battery Pack Custom

    Li-ion Marine Batteries  12V 48V 240Ah: Light weight and strong power, sell to France and Russia and gain best praise, customers show it on their website to expand markets.

  • The Knowledge of Lithium Batteries
    The Knowledge of Lithium Batteries 2018-02-19

    What are the advantages of lithium secondary battery? 1.High energy density 2.High working voltage 3.No memory effect 4.Long cycle life 5.No pollution 6.Light weight 7.low Self-discharge What are the advantages of lithium polymer battery? 1. No battery leakage, the battery does not contain liquid el...

  • Charging Tips For Electric Vehicle to Avoid a Swollen Battery
    Charging Tips For Electric Vehicle to Avoid a Swollen Battery 2018/02/23

    What is a Swollen Battery? Swollen batteries can be found in many devices that use lithium batteries, such as the electric vehicles. There’s also no single cause for a swollen battery. Some are due to manufacturing defects, others are caused by the age of the battery, and still other cases can be ca...

  • How to Choose Solar Storage Batteries
    How to Choose Solar Storage Batteries 2018-02-08

    Energy Battery Storage : The Next Breakthrough in the Power Industry Choose solar storage batteries, the first and most important step is learn the detail like the battery’s capacity & power ratings, depth of discharge (DoD), battery life, and manufactures. Capacity and power of solar batteries ...

  • What is Microgrids?
    What is Microgrids? 2018-01-17

    What is Microgrids? Microgrids are sub-category of the regional electrical grid that have the ability to operate independent, or “island,” from the local utility. Microgrids normally operate in parallel with the utility, but they can operate in an isolated mode when utility service is interrupted or...

  • Lithium Titanate Battery-Next Breakthrough in Power Battery
    Lithium Titanate Battery-Next Breakthrough in Power Battery 2018-01-05

    Lithium titanate battery is used as the anode electrode material for lithium-ion battery, which can be made to 2.4V or 1.9V lithium-ion secondary batteries if combined with lithium manganese oxide, ternary materials or lithium iron phosphate cathode materials. In addition, it can be used as a positi...

  • The Benefits of Rooftop Photovoltaics(PV)
    The Benefits of Rooftop Photovoltaics(PV) 2017-12-19

    Rooftop PV provides an attractive platform to achieve long-term energy independence while reducing environmental impact and maintaining a strong economy and society for future generations. This "future platform" for the roof is particularly attractive for deploying photovoltaic systems that generate...

  •   How To Start Your Motorcycles
    How To Start Your Motorcycles 2017-12-12

    Under normal temperature at -5 ℃ or more, motorcycle engine breaks down when being started for 2-3 times and still can not operate nomally. The fault are nothing more than the circuit, oil and cylinder pressure. As long as the oil flow smoothly, the circuit is normal and there is a certain pressure ...

  • Knowledge of  Ebike Battery
    Knowledge of Ebike Battery 2017-12-12

    1.How to choose the RIGHT Ebike battery? First of all, please get to know the answers to those questions below: 1)the motor wattage of the ebike? 2)the voltage and the capacity of the battery? 3)the type of battery case-rear rack,inserted,downtube,foldable or customized? (Please check here to check ...

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