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  • LiFePO4  RV/LEV Batteries
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Buy Factory Price 90W Battery electric bicycle rickshaw wheelchair segway adapter charger

90W Battery electric bicycle rickshaw wheelchair segway adapter charger

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1. Advanced technology of CPU controlling and PWM for charging to  control charging current and output voltage of the charger, to make sure that the battery can be fully charged and avoid over charging.
2. Power Efficiency ≥90% 
3. DC output isolated from AC input
4. Single input 110Vac and 230Vac or Universal Input 110-/230Vac, 50Hz~60Hz.
5. Charging Mode: MCU-4 Phases constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV)
6. Operating Mode:switch mode and single chip controlled
7. 2 LEDs display: LED1 Red (power on), LED 2 Red/Green (charging /full).
8. 6 protection functions:
A. Short circuit protection: automatic
B. Over voltage & Over current protection: automatic 
C. Reverse polarity protection
D. Over -temperature Protection
E. Charging Time Control
F. Switch Off or Decline Voltage Type Overcharge Protection
9. With cooling fan



Model NO.
Max. Wattage
Single input 110Vac and 230Vac or Universal Input 110-/230Vac, 50Hz~60Hz.
12V6A /24V3A/ 36V2.5A/ 48V2A
Waiting mode: LED(GREEN) ON.
Charging mode: LED(BLUE)
Full charged mode: LED(GREEN) ON
Charge error mode: LED(RED) flash
Net Weight
0.62kg (main host only)
0.76kg (with wall plug)
Gross Weight
46*75*123 mm
Ambient Temperature & Humidity Operating
-10℃~+50℃ 5%-95%
Lithium-ion(LiFePO4/ NCM/NCA)or Lead-acid
electrical bicycles,tricycles, motorcycle,wheelchairs,sweeping vehicles,etc 

1. Please check the output plug of charger, and make sure that the plug is inserted correctly.
2. Please connect the output plug of charger to the interface of the cells of battery before charging. Then connect the power plug of the charger to interior power source.
3. The charger charges by using CC,CV intelligent charging way. After fully charged, the charger turns off automatically. Please firstly disconnect DC plug, then disconnect AC plug.
4. Please make sure to disconnect AC plug of the charge when it is no charging or fully charged.
5. The instruction of charger’s indicator light
5.1 When charging, if the indicator light turns red, it means normal charging. If the light turns green, it means full charge. Then you can use the battery.
5.2 The charger works when connecting with the battery which is lack of power.
5.3 The first time for charging should be 24h. When the charging LED turns to green, that means the battery has been fully charged. After that, charging extra 30 minutes will balance each cell.


1. There are high voltage and danger of the charger. Please contact us if in event of the failure. Do not open the charger by user and non-professional servicing of our company.
2. To avoid damp environment, and do not use this charger in wet place.
3. Do not use this charger in the place where near the heat source or direct sunlight.
4. It should be in a clean and ventilated place when charging.
5. Do not cover the air outlet, Please keep a 10-metre distance fro the air outlet.
6. Do not cover the charger. Keep it far away from the children.
7. Please in a place where is good for radiating when charging. Do not use it in the wet, high temperature, inflammable and flammable condition.
8. Do not carry this charger with your vehicle, or it may be broken.
9. Please read the instruction carefully before using this charger. We are not responsible for the incorrect operations.


1. The technical performances accord with relative regulations our company.
2. When opening the carton and finding the product is damaged, please contact us immediately.
3. Warranty Period: 12Months from the date of delivery.
4. Attentions to the disclaimers of  guarantee:
a.Surpass the warranty period
b.Without warranty certification and effective bills
c.The damages which caused by operating without our instruction
d.Sealing sign has been broken
e.The damages caused by force majeure
f.Warranty service is only used for charger itself. The damages which caused by ineffective charger do not belong to the extent of liability.


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